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Become an Individual is a self-blog detailing the ways you can grow inner strength, define your purpose, and cultivate your self-worth. Through a focus of individualism, I hope to assist people in improving themselves in a sustainable way which allows them to help others do the same.

These posts are great starting points to understanding the values of my blog, its purpose, and ultimately, whether or not you’ll benefit from reading anything I have listed out.

Why Individualism?

Today, I want to reflect on two years of blogging: what have I learned, why I continue to post, and why you should be an individualist.

Revisiting the ten virtues

Today I want to revisit the key ten virtues and the value that they have in our daily lives: Zeal, fortitude, persistence, frugality, loyalty, generosity, gratitude, courage, magnanimity, and patience.

Power over one’s fate

Today, I want to discuss that if we do not exercise power over ourselves, then someone else will exercise it for us. In this post, I go over power and how to develop it for our own sakes as individuals.

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