Welcome to Become an Individual. In this post, I want to define my goals for my site so you can decide whether or not this blog will benefit you.

What this blog is

This is a self-help blog where I cover topics and ideas that will help others “become an individual”. Every Monday, I’ll post a blog discussing a topic, such as developing physical strength, then end the post with “actionables”, i.e. a list of items that you can do to improve yourself.

Through Become an Individual I want to help you:

  • Safeguard yourself, those you love, and your resources against the whims of society
  • Reject and avoid toxic people and ideas
  • Empower yourself to pursue virtues and your personal goals
  • Engage in community and learn to serve others fully and effectively

Lastly, I’m not an expert in anything, I’m just a good listener. This means I’ll provide a large assortment of documents that you can read to further continue your journey.

What this blog isn’t

this is not a political blog

We must focus on the internal, not the external, to achieve greatness.

This is not a space for complaining. This blog is about self-improvement, not the whims and immaturities of society. Therefore, I don’t discuss politics. Even though certain topics could connect to a political debate, I don’t waste my time covering them. For example, I’m a support of minimalism and anti-consumerism but only as they pertain to improving the individual. I have no interest in discussing governmental enforcement of environmental laws.

Additionally, if you’re a racist, a sexist, or a homophobe, you know where the back button is. I have no patience for men or women who judge others based on the things we do not choose. Such a mindset is for the barbarians and cynics, and I have no time for either.


This is where actionables will be present. We cannot improve ourselves through talk alone, so I will always leave actionables at the end of each blog post for you to do.


You’ll never have a beautiful forest full of rotting and weakened trees. Similarly, you’ll never produce a functioning and stable civilization where the individuals are scared of the future, anxious about their situations, and powerless to control their behaviors.

By focusing on the individual, I believe we can create a better, more stable world full of people who are happy, satisfied, and in the full pursuit of virtue.

*Image credit to Unsplash.